R.D. Smith

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Trailer Parks. Rednecks with Ambition. Media Coverage. Murder. Moonshine. Bootlegging. Conspiracy Theories. Rasslin’ Moves. Hot Rods. Duct Tape. Mullets and Monster Trucks. Homemade Vehicles. Mazes. Escape Tunnels. Safe Rooms. Pistols and Pursuing Leads.

The whole town thinks Willem has already committed two murders. Why shouldn’t they believe he’s committed more?

For the past year and a half, Willem has been an outcast in his hometown. Everyone believes he’s a killer. On top of the murder accusations, his “biofuel/fertilizer” business is failing. He’s well over knee-deep in inventory with no chance of a sale in sight. When Murven, his out-of-work best buddy, volunteers to help him with his daily collection, they discover Willem is stockpiling more than he bargained for as an “entre-manure.”

Once the sheriff gets involved, Willem’s past and Murven’s general reputation slingshot them both to the top of the list of murder suspects. With a little help from an unexpected ally, they escape custody and fight to clear their names of murder. As the news spreads, every busybody and media hog in the county—family, friend or foe—wants a piece of Willem and Murven’s fifteen minutes of infamy.