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I’m a Full-Time Writer Now. Dang!

Back in 2014, with the encouragement of my wife, Erika, I sat down on our fluffy couch, which, by the way, was way too big for our tiny little apartment in Tokyo, and started writing. My only goal: get something written.

Maybe it was all those years living abroad that made me long for something familiar. Something Southern. Something redneck. Or maybe it was just my own sensibilities. It’s hard to say. But for some reason, I started writing about a redneck who collected crap in his barn. As my fingers hacked away in my unique 3-finger typing style, I thought I was writing the first scene of a redneck soap opera called “Dang”. Turns out I was wrong. Dang was actually meant to be a murder mystery. I didn’t see that coming.

Here I am in 2018. Still hacking away on the keyboard. But now it’s different. I’ve had four years to learn about writing, publishing and marketing. All the mistakes I’ve made and the small successes I have had with Dang have made it possible for me to write full time. That and an awesome wife!

So what am I working on now? Below are fiction projects I have in the works:

Dang: The Legend of Vernon Boone (Dang Book 2)
Adapting Dang: A Humorous Mystery into a Screenplay
Roy Superhero (A Short Story Series)
Untitled Fantasy Series (Probably a Middle-Grade Book Series or Possibly a YA Series)

I have other ideas but I haven’t started writing them in much detail. All of the projects above I have at least an outline and some sort of draft going.

In addition to writing, I have several marketing initiatives that I will blog about in the coming weeks. To keep up with my progress, sign up for my mailing list here. I’ll send out an email when I have a new blog post or other announcements. Be sure to check DangBooks.com for updates as well.

I’ll be back soon. As always, thanks for reading Dang!

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