R.D. Smith

My First Video on My New YouTube Channel: FAQs about Writing Full Time, Real Estate and the Second Book

Since I announced I’m writing full time, I’ve been getting questions from people close to me about the transition. If you don’t know me you probably don’t know I’m a real estate agent here in Charlotte, NC. I’m actually still in the process of making a complete transition to writing full time, and to some (maybe most?) it may seem like a sudden change. But writing is something I’ve been interested in and dabbling in for years. I’m happy now to say I’ve finally taken the plunge and committed to writing full time.

My first self-published book is Dang: A Humorous Mystery. In this video I’m answering some FAQs people have about me and my writing. If you have any questions that are not in this video please let me know in the comments section.

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